I read somewhere "Become the person you wanted when you were younger" and I firmly believe in this. But the difference is, for me younger is in terms of experience and not in age.

When we go through a phase of learning or creating something we struggle through trials and erros and eventually after days and days of hardwork and mistakes we reach to the final stage.

Righ then all of this is fresh, we can guide a newbie the best. We can direct properly at that time since everything is recent and in the manner that new person may understand.

This is what I want to do, put in my learnings into words and by breaking down complex steps to assist those who would be going throught the learning phase of something I have gone through.

Documentation is the key to success. Learned this the hard way, but it is what it is.

Hope to make a difference in my life and that portray it in words for you to embrace the journey and also learn a bit too.

Happy Learning.


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Tuba Siddiqui

Tuba Siddiqui

Tuba is a self-learner who has started exploring the world of Machine Learning and trying to learn a bit of everything.